No restaurants for the month of May

At the beginning of every year in January I go through a Facebook detox.  I quit Facebook for a month to recalibrate my system (tolerance for screen time).  It’s great start to the new year and I don’t miss all the cute Christmas pictures.  A month is a short enough period of time so that I don’t feel as if I am depriving myself forever. I often wonder what else in my life can I change for a month for the better. I think of it as a test run for things I might actually adopt.

In the month of May I didn’t go out to eat.  Well that was my plan.  I ended up going out to eat with a friend that I hadn’t seen in months and then I went out with my husband out for a celebration dinner twice (because the first time the food was terrible).  But, that was it.  And now as I type this I’m thinking geez how much was I eating out before?

The verdict: I felt great because I ate well. I did a lot of cooking at home. I thought about meals and prepared food ahead of time. I had to adjust to buying more groceries, a whole bunch more groceries, to get through the week. Even on days when we didn’t know what to eat for dinner it wasn’t that hard to think up a quick and simple meal (for example brats, prepared potato salad, and canned beans) and then to run to the store and purchase it. I did eat more prepared foods but realistically I imagine that at some restaurants you’re getting lots of prepared food anyway so I called it a was.

This leads me to my second realization. Eating out is expensive and you can buy a lot of groceries for the price of a mediocre dinner at a chain restaurant. I’d say at least two meals worth of food for your house.

And finally there are not really any secret recipes anymore. If you like that cherry chicken pasta salad from the deli, then you can probably find the recipe online. If you can’t find that exact one, I guarantee you that you can find one that is close enough.  Everything is online!

In the future I’m going to try to I’m getting better at not eating at restaurants and I feel like my mindset has changed.  Why pay crazy prices for something I can make at home?



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