My first big Mom oops

I locked our cat in the cabinet for the afternoon.  I’m not a bad person, but that day I was a busy mom. Scratch that, I’m a busy mom all days, but this day I was extra busy….please let me explain.

My normal M.O. for dealing with any situation is worrying about it a whole bunch ahead of time. Before I was pregnant I worried about getting and being pregnant, when I was pregnant I worried about delivery, and once my kiddo was born I worried about pre-school.  Naturally when he started rolling over I worried about childproofing the entire house even though it would be months before he was regularly and intentionally mobile.  I counted doors and drawers and devised a plan, ordered parts, and then life happened.  Now he’s crawling!

There has been way too much going on to make baby proofing a priority, but the locking mechanisms for the double door cabinets are really quick and easy to use. I threw them on a few cabinets.  The one under the sink really slows me down when I need dish soap or trash bags, but it’s also where the cleaning products are located. I figure it’s worth a bit of inconvenience if it keeps him from chewing on dishwasher tablets.

Last week I was straightening up the house. The aquarium had taken on a neglected look in the past few months so I decided to clean the outside. I got out the glass cleaner that is kept under the sink.  Even though the kiddo was taking a nap I figure it is good practice to shut and lock the cabinet.  There have been so many times in the recent past when I have been pulled away from tasks only to return to them hours later. I cleaned the outside glass and replaced the cleaner under the sink and locked the cabinet.

The rest of the afternoon I heard meowing. I checked all around the house. I did not see the cat. I even checked the porch where I left him last week (it’s a hard life for a cat when a baby comes to town). I assumed he was stuck somewhere in the basement, but because there is no way he could be completely trapped I figured he will find another way out.  We went out to dinner.  When we returned I heard more meowing. Where did he go?  Now that my husband was home and I had another set of reliable ears and eyes we set out to do a more thorough search of the house. We checked closets and cabinets and locate the source of the sound under the sink.  Poor guy was trapped with the cleaning products for the afternoon and evening.

Does this story have a moral? Nope. Is it funny? Not if you’re the cat.  Does this sort of thing happen to everyone? Maybe, maybe not.  Does this sort of thing happen to parents everywhere and they just don’t share it? I’m thinking yes, yes it does.


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