Is your costume wrong?

I went to the gym and stopped to get a donut (do not judge) and I was almost run over by clown.  I was shocked and then I remembered that it’s Halloween.

Halloween is fun here in the frozen north. I spent many years dressed as a princess in a winter coat, a cowboy in a winter coat, and Yoda… in a winter coat.  But this year it’s supposed to be lovely and I’m excited to see all the costumes in the neighborhood while I pass out candy.

I know it’s a bit late in the game, but I’d encourage you to re-think your costume.  I was out for dinner at a bar last night and I saw a server dressed as an Disneyesque  “Indian.” Once again, I was shocked. Isn’t it 2016? Aren’t we done with ethnicities as costumes?  I know I am. I would also discourage costumes for women that include the prefix “sexy” such as sexy nurse, sexy firefighter, sexy witch. Nursing is hard work and not much about is sexy.  If you look sexy in scrubs, then you’re doing it wrong. Firefighting isn’t sexy either.  When I’m working hard at a fire I am a sweaty stinking mess.  It isn’t sexy.  Witch? Honestly I don’t know anything about witching.  Maybe it is sexy?

Instead I would encourage you to, as my grandfather used to say, use your head for something other than a hat rack.  Pick a non-trampy looking respectful costume. Don’t dress up as an ethnicity.  It’s offensive and rude. Eat tons of candy and hand out more and have a few drinks if that’s what makes you happy.  Happy Halloween!


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