Open letter to the kiddo

Dear Kiddo,

Thanks for making the journey to join us here.  I’m sure that you’re exhausted. I know that we are. We’re pretty excited that you’ve FINALLY arrived. Disclaimer here: just because we are excited and we make it sound like we’ve been waiting forever by no means implies that we are ready.  We’ve read books and blog posts, attended meetings and classes, and had endless discussions, but we have no idea what we are in for. I suppose you don’t either.

Let’s try to work together to figure things out.  For instance when you aggressively press my breasts while I’m feeding you, that is not helpful.  Plus you end up getting a face full of milk and that makes you cry.  On second thought that makes me laugh and sometimes I need comic relief in the middle of the night. Go on with your bad self. I bet you’d laugh at the story later after you’re done being mortified.

I keep reminding myself that even though I change your diaper a million times and rock you to sleep only to have your eyes pop right open when I try to lay you down, that this is the easy stuff. In a few years you’ll have homework and after that we may argue about showers (please take one) and girlfriends (or maybe boyfriends) and what you want to do with your life (which is totally your decision, but I’ll have ideas too). I’ll look back to the baby diaper times with nostalgia and wish they were back.

So for now let us enjoy Monday and not rush a thing. Someday I have to go back to work, but today I have time to cuddle without a time limit.




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