Have a discussion on Facebook? No way!

You can’t have an insightful discussion on Facebook. It’s true. It seems possible and may start out well intentioned, but it generally degrades to this sort of thing.

Cage Match Facebook arguments

Once that happens, then it’s sort of like watching a train wreck. You can’t help but just watching the whole thing unfold and if you have popcorn that is always great. Nothing goes better than popcorn and a show.


However, I’m going to suggest that it doesn’t have to be that way. What if we actually talk (type) with those people we claim as friends? And if we have engaging conversations about pertinent issues? What if we unblock someone from our news feed and challenge them when we don’t agree? Because you’re never going to change anyone’s mind when you’re preaching to the choir. Because we need more dialogue and thought in our political processes today. Because if these people are truly your friends you might have this conversation in real life! And if you’re going to spend all your time buried in your phone you might as well be doing something useful.  I, along with friends, have solved the world’s problems many times over with a drink sitting around the fire late at night. I’m not bragging, but I’m pointing out that you might have things in common with your friends.*
*But pretty please don’t apply this to family and then blame me if it backfires.  Family is an extra special category of friends that you can’t get rid of when they make you angry.  I would say if you don’t agree about something, then you should choose another topic.


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