Yes, I’m judging you

I am judging you right now. I’m being honest. Shouldn’t you be working? Those people who say they aren’t judging you? They are judging you and they are liars too and I prefer to tell the truth.

Seriously I have to judge. First, it’s so easy and second, it’s what keeps me out of harm’s way in both professional and personal life. And, it doesn’t switch off too quickly when I leave work. I take in information and make quick decisions. Part of it is my job training and the other part is for my sanity. I judge emergency scenes to see if I should call the police. I judge your website to see if I want to hire your company. I judge your actions to see if we should continue the conversation or if I am talking to a wall. I judge your behavior to determine if I should cross the street or keep walking in your direction. These judgements happen quickly because I’ve had lots of practice. In fact, I’ve had so much practice that even watching a video of an emergency scene I will see different things than someone without my training and experience. I will elect to call the police and you may not know what I’m talking about….until it’s too late.

On the flip side, In my personal life I noticed that as I get older I’m judging you less… out loud. If I think your outfit looks stupid, then that’s your business and you won’t hear it from me unless you ask. I realize that I probably think it’s stupid because I most likely wore/owned the very same thing in the early 90s. What’s it to me if I think you look stupid? Nothing. Also I don’t know your story. I may think you’re making a pathetic attempt at something when really you’re giving it the best that you’ve got. Again, I wouldn’t say these things unless asked. If you ask me, then I’m going to give you my opinion.

I’ve also begun to realize that, honestly, life is short. Why worry about you? I’ve already got lots on my plate. Besides, very shortly you will be judging me walking through Target like a zombie with a screaming infant. I wonder what you’ll be thinking? Nah, won’t really care.


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