The Purple One

Prince died last week and I was not all that sad at first. I am aware that this makes me uncool. I don’t figure it matters much how he died, while I know many anxiously await autopsy and toxicology reports, because the effect is the same and he is no longer alive. There will be no more new Prince music and now that I really think about it that does make me sad because it is awesome music.

Don’t get me wrong, I was shocked to hear of his passing because he was young, but I wasn’t in mourning. I didn’t dig out my purple clothes to be in solidarity with others (this may be because I have only one purple shirt and I was coincidentally wearing it on the day he died). I didn’t go stand outside at the dance party or the movie screening or the memorial concerts. I did not buy flowers to set outside any memorial.

I just went about my day and week while enjoying the musical montage we have been showered with on every local radio station. Honestly I feel like the most fitting Prince tribute for me would be to lace up some roller skates and consume several licorice ropes and go crazy. I had about half of one of those licorice ropes not long ago and that’s never happening again. They are disgusting. I haven’t skated since the ’80s so I guess that’s out too.

I do have a point to all of this. First, you say you loved Prince, but when was the last time you bought an actual album or legally downloaded a song? When did you pay that premium for a concert? Or stand outside just to catch a glimpse of him? I never saw him perform live and the last album I bought was in 2004. Needless to say I am not an audiophile. FYI that album was actually a disc that I had in my car the entire summer. Musicology is a great album. Prior to that I’m sure I listened to 1999 a million times – in ‘99.

Second, why are you saving all of your phenomenal tributes, concerts, and videos until now? According to my beliefs he cannot see it now. He does not know how much you cared.

These thoughts lead me to my final point. You support artists by buying their stuff whether that is music or t-shirts or posters. You go to see their performances even if the venue isn’t ideal. You post those video clips when no one but you thinks it’s cool if you are the posting type.

In addition, you support people you love by telling them how awesome they are when they are alive and they can hear you. You dig out old pictures and laugh at them together. You take them to lunch, write them letters, emails, or send texts.  You call them and take them out to lunch or dinner or buy them a drink.

Of course these are my thoughts and who am I to say that your grieving is wrong? And if you want a shirt to commemorate this event check out this MN purple rain t-shirt


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