The 40 hour work week part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about the horrors of the 40 hour work week in “No Cheers for the 40 Hour Work Week.” This week I realized there are some good things about it or maybe rather that after six plus weeks I am adjusting. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still not my cup of tea and I won’t be clamoring to join this group permanently any time soon.

But hey, it’s regular:  Monday sucks, Tuesday you are finally able to get something done, Wednesday HUMP DAY, Thursday is almost Friday, and Friday hardly needs any introduction.  This means I can plan regular workouts and outings. I can even sign up for classes that I’ve been wanting to take.  I’m free every evening!  Wednesday yoga? Bring it! Happy hour? I’m free.

Office work is hilarious…except when it’s not.  The paper shredder was on full all of an entire day last week. No one emptied it.  I know how to and have even done it on occasion (when I’m the filler upper). The microwave in the kitchen is so disgusting that I’m thinking about cleaning it.  Just thinking about it.  It’s sort of like the planning/preparation phase. I may think about it for several more weeks or I might tackle it tomorrow. I said that I would clean the stinky fridge today and someone beat me to it.

I’ve learned some new skills i.e. how to split up monstrous tasks at home.  Instead of making curtains in one day off I try to finish most of one panel in an evening at home. I was fairly successful this week, except for the night I burned myself. This is why irons and ironing are stupid. Big jobs are too much to accomplish in an evening. I take small bites of the proverbial elephant.

In that vein I have also learned that: working out, cooking dinner, completing a task are too much for one evening. I only cook about twice a week now. The rest of the week the microwave and leftovers are my best friend.

On the other hand…I’ve been crushing my weekends!  Seriously. We’re killing projects at home with two able bodied souls ready to work all day Saturday and Sunday. My previous one day a weekend schedule would allow me to do social activities and projects on only one day.

I have flexibility. Sometimes I can arrange activities like lunch with a friend and not have to find someone to work for me for a few hours.  I can come in a bit early and leave a bit late if need be.

But best of all and most importantly no matter what my schedule – They pay me! And I could lie, but really that’s the main reason that I work.

office monkey


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