What are you detoxing from?

I see all these detox “diets” on Pintrest and I hear about them online. Seriously, what are you detoxing from? When I’m online I see how you can detox your face, and your liver, and your whole entire body. You can do this for days, weeks, or months. I think the term “detox” should be reserved for alcohol and drug detox, not “I ate too many jelly beans.”

First, what are you doing that is so terrible that you need to detox this much? Stop it! Be nice to your body. You only get one. Second, when did we start calling a twice daily face washing routine a detox? It’s just washing your face! Do it or don’t. I’ve tried both and frankly I’ve seen no difference. Third, your body has evolved to fix all sorts of terrible things that you do to it. Your liver’s job is to detox your body. Maybe you can simply detox your liver by being nice to it? Don’t drink those 5 drinks per night. Eat some vegetables, not vegetable chips!
The bottom line? Being healthy is work. It requires a balance of diet and exercise as well as appropriate rest. You are rewarded for this work every time your body gets sick AND gets better or is injured AND then heals itself. Relax. You can do this. If you want to try something super special for a short period of time you can just do it and you don’t need to call it a detox.




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