After a month with no Facebook

I recently took a break from Facebook…a detox if you will.  It was January after all and that’s what you do in January right? Detox. Move over Whole 30, I quit Facebook for a full month.  In preparation I removed the app from my phone and tablet and erased my browsing history on my computer. If I was going to sign on I was going to have to remember that ridiculous password!

The world did not stop spinning.  I did find myself sitting in front of my computer for no particular reason one day because that was what I used to doing early in the morning, but I figured it out.  Instead I relied on other people to tell me what was going on in Facebook land. You probably don’t know this because you’re not on this month, but… Bottom line I didn’t miss anything.  Or if I did it does not matter because I don’t know that I missed it. The following is hands down the best thing I missed…

This person in a T. Rex suit (or rather didn’t because I’ve watched it at least 10 times since then.

I learned that I can waste time without it!  I watched five seasons of Nurse Jackie on Netflix. I read three books. I knitted an insane amount of washcloths while watching crazy amounts of college basketball. I finished that volunteer application. We started that basement remodel project at home.

When I missed Facebook I filled the space quite nicely with things that were equally meaningful, but usually more so and when I missed random mindless browsing I found Pintrest and I don’t plan on quitting that any time soon.

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