Sick day

I did something monumental. Today I am sick. To be clear I have a cold. I did not go to work (which is where I’m pretty sure I caught the stupid thing in the first place). I thought at first that maybe I should go in. I would just need a bag of medication, tissues, and the neti pot. And maybe something for my sore throat. I’m sure my coworkers who love the sound of me gargling with salt water in the common bathroom.  Instead I called in sick because I have that benefit. Today I do not plan on running errands and sharing my sickness with others. I am going to take care of myself by drinking liquids, taking naps, and watching Netflix. Strike that. I may need to run out for chicken noodle soup.


Often in our busy world we try to do too much.  I’m sick, but I have this meeting…or I’m sick, but then I have a vacation planned and I don’t want my employer to think that I’m just trying to extend my vacation.  Rest assured your employer is probably not thinking about you.  This is why you need to think about you.

If you stay home and rest:

You will get less people sick. The sickness will not spread throughout your workplace. You will not be the dreaded patient zero.

You will feel better faster.  Why be sort of sick for an entire week when you can knock the stuff out?

No one wants to hear you sniffle or see you walking around with that roll of toilet paper leaving piles of soiled tissue behind. You look terrible when your eyes are watery and you can’t stop sneezing.





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