31 day Facebook detox

It’s resolution time and I’m taking a pause.  I thought about what was awesome about last year and how I might find more time to do the things I’d like to do in 2016.  Turns out one of my biggest time sucks was staring me in the face…literally.

Let’s be honest. I was turning into that person with Facebook always open on one tab of my browser (Side note: Remember when tabbed browsing was new? I do.)  in case someone likes a picture of mine or something witty I’d posted.  Besides obsessively checking every time I hear the chime I have the opportunity to look at the kids and accomplishments of people I went to high school with (and haven’t spoken to since).

Seriously talk about a waste of time.  I was clicking and then updating the clicking to see if I’d missed anything.  I never missed a thing…except what I should have been doing which was something (anything) else.

This month while everyone is eating healthy and going to the gym I’m going to be eating cookies and not clicking away on Facebook.  If someone tags me in some funny meme I won’t even know it.  If you want to invite me to an event you’ll have to call or text.  If I want to see pictures of your family I’ll have to wait until happy hour to sneak a peek on your phone.  And this is good because it will give me more time for my other vices like cookies and Netflix. 31 days to go! Game on!



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