Was your 10 year old self better?

In December, we generally celebrate the holiday season.  Another thing we do in December is we review the entire year. We review the fashion, the news and activities, and the passing of people that we loved.  It’s a great time for reflection because it’s the end of something and we’re all excited to start the next new thing.  We also make a few resolutions or laundry lists of things that we can do to improve ourselves and then the following year we repeat the process again and again and again.

But what if we are exactly the same as we were last year? What if we are the same as our 10 year old self?  I bring up 10 year olds because I work at a local museum.  There I give tours and teach classes to mostly 10 year olds. They are fantastic:  They push and shove in line and have a righteous sense of fairness.  They also share lunches with friends and translate for the new kid who doesn’t speak English.  I’m not saying they are always fantastic.  Some of them are absolute jerks like those pushing in line or purposely snubbing potential table mates for group activities. They can be brats. But seriously how much have you changed sense then? I’ve been at the museum for 12 years now.  The kids that went through my first classes are now 22. I am guessing that the ones that pushed and shoved in line ended up as managers (or on that track) and making tons of money, those that can’t stop talking might land in some sort of sales position, and the ones translating might end up working their tails off at social service non-for-profits where hugs and smiles are a  an acceptable form of payment.

This year while you are reviewing your year I encourage you to think about yourself as a 10 year old. What were you like? What have you lost? How were you different? How can you be better for yourself and for others?  Because I am telling you now that no one will notice if you lose 10 pounds.




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