Heroes are all around us


This was what I saw on a morning walk with my dog this summer.  I’m so glad that I had my phone with me so that I could capture the scene because the story without the picture just wouldn’t be the same.  There are several logical explanations for the Spider-man costume on this upper level deck, but I favor the simplest one: Superheroes are real and there is one that lives near my home. After a busy night of fighting crime and bad guys some times you just need to air out your suit.

Seriously, just think about it.  How well do you know your neighbors? I have one that is a nurse/superhero and several that are teachers=superheroes. There is also an active church and community center on my block. Judging solely by the line I see forming early on Friday mornings for their food bank I’d say the folks working there are superheroes.  There is one family with a child who has some serious special needs.  I see her regularly interacting with her family.  It looks pretty super to me.

Maybe for some reason these people don’t meet your definition of a superhero. That’s ok. You can be your own. The next time you hear someone tell an inappropriate joke you can call them out on it. You can help someone by holding the door for them when their hands are full or bringing their cart to the cart corral for them. Someone did that for the me recently and it really helped me out. When you are available and friends are going through a tough time you can ask “Do you want any help with anything? I’m free on Friday afternoon.” You will probably never know how much you are helping people out or how much your gestures mean. They might seem pretty super to someone.

My point is that with people like this do you really need a guy in a Lycra suit?


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