Be proud of your accomplishments


Seriously, please do.  No one else will do it for you! And if you celebrate your accomplishments it is likely that others will want to join you.

For example, I took a class on It wasn’t the most difficult task that I have undertaken, but when I finished the class with a passing grade I printed out the certificate and put it on the fridge a la small child.  For the next month or so when people came over they asked me about the class and the certificate and I had an opportunity to show what I had learned and accept their congratulations.  I’d like to think a few or my friends are checking out a free online classes because of me.

Or how about a few weeks ago at soccer? Honestly our team didn’t play all that well, but my husband has been playing for just over a year and he scored his first goal. Yay! His first goal brought the game score to 7-2 which is better than 7-1. He was pretty excited and I ran over to give him a big hug. No we didn’t win, but we celebrated anyway. It was fun. Way to go D!

As an adult, it’s important to celebrate your accomplishments. When you’re a kid there is celebration built into the very system of being a kid. When you’re an adult, you’ll probably get some sort of B.S. review once or maybe twice a year at work.  If you’re lucky, that review will be associated with some sort of tiny incremental pay raise. If you’re unlucky, you’ll just have to sit there and act thoughtful while your boss who had to take time away from her/his job to complete the B.S. paperwork for the B.S. review.  If you’re uberlucky, you’ll have to make up some sort of goals for the next review period. There are no gold stars or certificates.  Life should have more gold stars and certificates.

In short: Life is short.  Have fun.  Be proud of yourself when you do something awesome.


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