Some things I understand as an adult

I remember lots about my childhood.  It was pretty awesome. I remember thinking that adults were weird and that they didn’t seem to keep very good track of time. I heard “You’ve gotten so big” from my parent’s friends or “It was just yesterday that you were starting school” when I was thinking “Actually, that was like 3 years ago where have you been?”  Now I understand that to an adult 3 years (or more) is synonymous to just the other day. Here are a few things I have caught myself saying, doing, or noticing in the recent past that remind me that while I was a kid “just the other day” I am now much closer to being one of those adults.

When I say I don’t know what I want for my Birthday, I really don’t.  The things that I “want” as an adult are things like insulation in the attic or someone to sheetrock the basement.  These things are expensive. I wouldn’t ever want anyone to pay for those things for me.  But I do know what I don’t want and that is priceless.

I turn down the music when I’m lost or looking intently at directions.  Granted those directions may be on my phone, but it’s easier to concentrate when I can hear my inner dialogue. I’m not lost. I just need to think.

Sometimes going to The Home Depot is fun but most of the time it’s a bore.  It’s a place to spend an insane amount money in a really short amount of time. I like to avoid those places. And if I may be honest I don’t care what the bathroom sink faucet looks like.  Wait, that one? Really?

Work is not always fun, that’s why they pay me. My mom told me this when I was in high school and I worked at a home day care. It is true. I’ve had jobs and crews of people to work with that were fun, but that’s not always the case.  This is why my employer pays me.  They don’t care if it’s raining while I’m at training or if I had planned on getting in a fantastic workout in or how late I was up the night before.  They pay me to do work.  It’s not always fun.

Entertaining is expensive, going out is expensive, and everything is expensive! Holy Cow when did that happen? I used to entertain myself on $20 a month. Now I can’t even get into a movie with treats for that amount.  When I was younger I swear that things were cheaper, but I also know that I had less money and much lower expectations.  Want to sit at Perkins for 5 hours to have a cinnamon roll and coffee? Me neither.

Quiet time with nothing scheduled is great and reading a good book on a Friday or Saturday night is fun! Yay for books and reading.

Does writing this mean that I’m an adult now?



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