My closet is bare

I’ve been going at this minimalist thing for a while. I’m not one to keep clutter around and I’m lucky to have a husband that agrees. We have an empty room in our house that we refuse to fill. That’s pretty hard core, right?

This, combined with the fact that I’ve had a few weeks of crawling the walls at home while away from work (aka vacation), inspired me to do something about my closet. I blame Pintrest for introducing me to the “capsule wardrobe.” This is the idea that you can have about 15 pieces of clothing and make outfits for an entire month (See After reading this I’m pretty sure it all started with a shirt. It’s a shirt that I like a whole bunch but I never wear it. It’s because I had two places to look for clothes; both a dresser and a closet. If it is possible to have a month of outfits from 15 pieces, then why do I have all this I wondered?

The battle was on… I pulled all my clothes out of the dresser and put them all onto hangers so everything is in one place. As I did this I weeded out the tank tops that are too short or that I never wear. I had an abundance of those. I also set aside the things that don’t match anything else (I saved my pink and Hawaiian print shorts if that tells you a bit about me) or things that needed a home where they would be worn more often; like the Bruce Lee print muscle shirt. That went to a friend who has muscle shirt work day every Thursday. The jeans that are advertised as super low cut also found their way to the “get rid of me pile” and a pair of jeans that must’ve taken one too many rides through the dryer and looked somewhat like crops gone wrong. Now I have 5 pairs of jeans to choose from.  All of them fit and they were the ones that I was wearing anyway. Strangely I found 13 dresses. What?! I kept all of those because you never know, I might have somewhere fancy to go someday.

Now that everything is on hangers I can see it. I spent a bit of money buying nice hangers that keep the shirts from falling off or getting pointy shoulders. Did you know such a thing existed? They are spendy so I’m only about ⅓ of the way there, but I’m on my way. Yay!

It’s been almost a month since I started this venture. I enjoy having all my clothes in one place. I enjoy not weeding through the things that I never wear. I had a small moment of panic when I went on a short vacation because I felt like I was bringing a large percentage of my clothes and because I have less this is true, but I also have a washing machine in my basement.


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