What should we tell our girls?

There are so many messages that we recieve every single day. The online world has become a huge source of these messages. You can read Facebook for hours and get a tweet about anything right freaking now!  These sources are vast including e-zines, websites, and millions of blogs (thanks for reading this one). Some of this world is girl friendly and a lot of it is not. In the midst of all this chatter what would I tell my younger self to help me be successful?

  1.  Life is not fair. My mom told me this regularly.  I didn’t believe her, but she was right.  If you tell a girl that life is fair, then you are setting her up for failure.  No one needs to be set up like that! It’s total B.S. and it’s 100% not true. Equity is different than fairness. That is a lesson worth teaching and learning.
  2. Work hard and be proud of yourself.  Work hard so you can be intrinsically happy and know that you did everything you could in any given situation.  Be proud, because as an adult, no one may cheer for you and/or give you a certificate or ribbon every time you tick off an accomplishment. It is unfortunate, but also true.   You have to learn how to become your own advocate and “toot your own horn.”
  3. As you grow up it’s likely that no one will notice you.  This isn’t because you aren’t special. You are special. It’s just that everyone else is busy noticing themselves.
  4. Celebrate yourself without the context and company of men. Girls turn into women.  They will be your best friends and there are many times in life when you will need them more than a hot date.

I know these things because my mom said so.  She is always right.  Even when that drives me crazy. Thanks Mom.


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