I know this to be true #2: It’s better to overdress

In February,  I wrote a post titled “I know this to be true.” If you didn’t get a a chance to read it, then you can check it out this way https://distractosquirrel.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/i-know-this-to-be-true/ or look back in the archives.  Did you know that Oprah has a column every month in her magazine devoted to this topic? Me neither. I’ve never knowingly read an Oprah magazine, but she’s got a book that compiles some of these columns and I did knowingly read about 5 articles in that before I determined that, not surprisingly so, many of Oprah’s problems and life lessons are very different that my own.  Here is my attempt to expand on my previous thoughts and upstage Oprah.  Hey, maybe it will work.

In this first, of what I hope to be a series, I wish to take on the topic of clothing, dress, attire or whatever you call that stuff you do so you aren’t naked. Here’s what I know to be true: It’s better to overdress than to underdress.  For me when I go to a wedding I dress up. Even if it’s in a barn wedding or an outdoor event.  If it’s casual it’s ok to let everyone else be casual I still dress up. My sister tells me there are casual dresses and then more formal ones? I can’t tell the difference! No one is going to say “Who’s that freak in the dress?” They may think it, but I don’t let that bother me.

The same holds for when you are going out to dinner. Do they have table cloths on the tables? Then leave the jeans at home!  Even if you think your $100 hipster skinny jeans are on point, they are still jeans. It’s quite disheartening for me as someone who rarely dresses up to make an effort to dress up and then head out to a fancy dinner and to see others at the same fancy restaurant in jeans. I know they won’t throw you out of any establishment here in the Midwest, but come on people it won’t kill you to wear something nice! Increasingly, I just write off their jeans to sheer frumpy laziness and go about my merry way.

Also if you get cold all the time plan accordingly and wear layers or bring a sweater. I rarely wear shorts out of the house. The rest of the world seems to be comfortable at 70 degrees where I’m happiest about 75 to 80.  I will bring a sweater to happy hour…in July. You just never know!


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