Sit down for some (Women’s) Sports!

I spent lots of time this summer watching the Women’s World Cup, or as I referred it, the World Cup.  My thought is that if you’re watching the game you probably recognize who is playing. They are women! This fact does not need to be pointed out at every possible opportunity. I can tell! I can’t help but think that the branders who are pointing out that it’s the “Women’s” World Cup mean that it’s somehow less and that the real World Cup was last year.

This brings me to my point of this post.  Have you watched any women’s sports lately? You should and here’s why.

1.  Professional women are good role models on the field/pitch/court.  Increasingly so it is unfair to say that female athletes are any different than their idiotic male counterparts off the court. They get into drunken brawls and beat on their loved ones just like the men, but their game is superb. The fundamentals are sound. If you take a child to a game you can use it as a coaching tool.  They are that solid.

2. They have true beast mode. Female professional athletes are killing it i.e. Serena Williams.  The ladies that are competing now have had the benefit of Title IX their entire lives.  They lift heavy weights, they train hard and play harder, they travel the world, and some of them don’t even have to have a second job (because their sport pays).  Scratch that, lots of them are mothers too. And seriously what can be more beast mode than being a professional female athlete with kids?

3.  The crowds are fantastic.  You can see girls with glitter face paint and signs to support their team and significantly less obnoxious fans and reduced alcohol make the game that much more enjoyable. The thought that one of these girls with the face paint and the sign could actually be one of the players in a few short years brings tears to my eyes.

4. Tickets are affordable and abundant and the athletes could use your support. A ticket to a semi final Wold Cup game would have set me back a few hundred instead of a few tens of thousand dollars. If only I didn’t have to schedule around that pesky job.

Go watch some women’s sporting event…or sports as I call them.



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