Off the rails

If you’re like me you’ve got a routine. If you don’t have a routine I can’t help you with that, but I would suggest creating one for yourself.  Maybe you wake up, eat, walk the dog, workout and then tackle whatever is left in your day. Maybe you hypothetically take an hour to watch your favorite show on Netflix. And just maybe you completely slip off the rails with your fitness/eating/wellness plan. It happens to all of us. I promise you.

The secret to success, if you’d like to call it that, is getting right back at it just as soon as you can.  So you ate complete garbage for a day?  Whatever. Don’t beat yourself up the next day too.  Get up and make a smoothie and get at it today. Whatever that “it” is. If you miss one workout that’s ok. You’re body may need the time to rest.  If you miss two, don’t make it three.  Get it? There is always room for improvement. You will find that over time the “new you” or the “fitness minded you” or the “healthy eating you” or  the “mediation every day you” takes over.  You’ll spend less and less time making healthy eating a priority because it will become something you will do naturally. You’ll spend less time working out because you’ll become a workout ninja with a plan. You’ll be in and out at the gym and recognizing that your workout made you happier than happy hour. It’s true.

The thing that no one tells you is that, whatever your healthy choice, it may never get easy.  Easier yes, but not easy. It may always be work or at least a conscious decision. Take me for example, I love sweets, but I try to limit my intake. Most of the time I win, sometimes the cookies win. Either way it’s good. I don’t get too off track. Most of the time I just remove the cookies from the equation. I do not go buy cookies to bring home, I do not make large batches of cookies, and if my sister makes cookies and wants to give me some I take a few, not a dozen.  I gobble them all up and then I don’t indulge myself for a while. See? Right back at it.

Wake up and set some goals and if you don’t have any do it right now. Create a routine and get at it (whatever the “it” is) and if you go off the rails wake up the next day to try it all over again. And if you need motivation you can find it on Instagram or Pintrest like this…



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