Air conditioning has ruined neighborhoods

Air conditioning has ruined neighborhoods. It’s really that simple.

In the ’50s, most homes didn’t have central air conditioning.  People were smarter about temperature control.  In the morning the curtains and windows would open to let in the glorious sunshine.  A fan was used to blow cool air into your home.  Around noon, when the sun reached it’s peak you closed most windows, especially those on the south side, and turned those fans off or used them to blow hot air out of the house.  At this time you would’ve also closed those curtains and your home would remain relatively cool.  Trust me.  This works. I’ve used this technique for the last 17 years.

In the evening you went outside to interact with your neighbors and watch the world go by. You might share a lemonade or a beer, but you would for sure share stories.  When two neighbors are gathered more will join you. It’s a law, just like Murphy’s law, only better because there is the potential for beer.

Now lots of homes have central air conditioning. We also have reliable AC at work and at school and at home and in the car and it’s always running. We keep our houses sealed up and rarely say a peep to our neighbors and that doesn’t do us a bit of good.

As I write this it’s a sunny 82 degrees.  The windows are open and I have a ceiling fan on and I am happy. I hear a lawn mower, barking from my neighbors dog, and lots of quiet.

Summer is a time for fun and fellowship.  It’s for feeling a bit warm.  It’s mother nature’s way of saying sorry it was -20 for a whole week in January.  I get to wear shorts, and tank tops, and maybe even a dresses if I’m feeling super crazy.

I don’t want to wear the hoodie and jeans I was stuck in all winter anywhere…please spare me the AC. Turn it off for a moment and take a bit of time to enjoy the summer. Winter will be back sooner than you think.



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