I Can’t Wear What?

I read a blog post recently that made my head spin. I’m pretty much over it now, but I thought it deserved a rebuttal.  It’s titled 20 things that women over 30 should not wear.  Apparently it was written several months ago and because I myself am over 30, and don’t spend my entire day at a computer or desk (Thank god.  I would literally die) it has taken until now to show up on buried in my Facebook feed of all places.  Here’s the original post if you’d like to give it a look http://www.rantchic.com/2014/10/24/20-things-women-should-stop-wearing-after-age-30/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=RantLifestyleFB

Here’s my response in case anyone cares.

First, let’s tackle the items on her list that I completely disagree with.  Honestly, there is a time and a place for everything.  She states no graphic ts. While graphic t-shirts might not be appropriate corporate office attire they are perfect for happy hour and your personal life. By the time you are in your 30s you should dress appropriately for work. Those sweats with PINK written across the seat aren’t anything I’d wear (EVER), but if you’d like to, I don’t think they are wrong, and certainly age is not a factor in this decision. It’s not like those obnoxious sweats that were soooo cute (do they make such a thing) at 29 are no longer cute at 31.  They are sweatpants! As a rule I don’t wear sweatpants out of the house unless I’m going to workout or headed home from a workout (or yoga pants, you know because I don’t want to tempt some creepy man with sexy thoughts). The same goes for her claims of no leopard print, anything bedazzled, and glitter eye shadow. These items are fun! What’s wrong with adding a bit of fun to your life? Who called the fun police? As for non matching socks. I think it was a thing for cool kids a few years back. I don’t have/know any cool kids for fact checking. I’m sort of confused by the blanket statement of no hoop earrings.  I think that once again it depends on the situation.  Are you trying to rock your J. Lo sized gold hoops into your 9:00am presentation? Bad idea. Or are you wearing them with your favorite graphic t-shirt and leopard print belt for ladies night out? Good idea. As for no short dresses and skirts, If you you do your lunges and squats and/or run and cross fit and your legs look amazing then wear a short dress or a mini-skirt! I don’t care what age you are (but once again not to your client meeting).  Tina Turner’s got legs. By the time you are in/over your 30s you should know your best feature. Maybe legs are it.  But seriously why does she hate on American Eagle jeans? They are made with lycra/spandex stretchy goodness.  They fit.  They come in many sizes, LENGTHS, styles, and washes and they are always on sale. They are my favorites.  I like them better than the $100+ Lucky jeans I’m wearing right now because all my other tween jeans are in the dirty clothes pile. Holy cripes people just buy jeans that fit! I’ve outgrown the name on the pocket.

There are some things on her list that I really don’t care about: blue eye shadow, sparkly pants (although now that the idea has been brought to my attention they sound grand), oversized sunglasses, furry boots, furry anything, tube tops,  overalls, crop tops, booty shorts, old sneakers, cheap bras, platform flip flops, A&F, and scrunchies.  Once again my thought would turn to why? Why wear these things at all? Why? But I must say if you’re going to wear them, then you should definitely wear them all together.  Wouldn’t that be a sight?

Bottom line is that when you’re 20 you think that 30 is the landmark for old, dead, and unbeautiful. Thank goodness you realize, as you age, that number keeps getting pushed up and up and you’ll look at pics of yourself in your 20s and cringe.  You will.  I promise.  Thankfully, as you age, you also realize that every fashion trend isn’t for you, that everyone looks better in clothes that fit, and that labels don’t make the woman.  Besides this looks ridiculous on anyone.



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