My best advice for the fire service*

Making a bundle

There are a bunch of rookies starting with my department.  Sometimes, not all the time, they ask me for my advice.  After 14 years here this is a laundry list of what I have to say…

Don’t be afraid to ask respectful questions of anyone and everyone. That’s how I learn. I’m better at answering questions than dropping random knowledge bombs. Those quiet folks know a bunch too, don’t forget to ask them questions. Go into the buildings in your area and pay attention while you are inside.  You’ll be back at the bad ones, at 3am when you’re half asleep and they’re on fire. Use professional titles until you’re told it’s unnecessary to do so. You’ll never get in trouble for calling a Chief by their title. And the first time you call me “Captain” I will tell you my first name. Please don’t come to work sick. You will make everyone else sick and then they hate you. Be polite to your coworkers and patients.  It’s your job to go on emergency calls.  It’s not always fun to be at work.  That’s why they pay you. If you have to go to the bathroom, then go. You might not have a chance later. *subject to change at a moments notice


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