Madness is the state of being mentally ill. I am watching my 5th basketball game and typing this post on my phone. I think this behavior qualifies me as mad (plus the cat picture below totally cracked me up), but it’s March and so I celebrate a special kind of madness with jellybeans and bar food (I don’t have cable at home so I travel to the largest TVs and cheapest food).

While I was on many basketball teams as a girl I never loved to play as much as I did soccer (if you aren’t aware of how much I love soccer see post I played basketball in the off season because I was tallish. The fact that I had no hand eye coordination didn’t phase me at all. I was a tall scrappy hustler that my coach could count on for 0 points and endless enthusiasm from the bench. Once I played on a high school game where our team had a bit of defense problem. Later that week our coach duct taped our thumbs behind our backs in practice and we shuffled for a full two hours of practice (we were freed for water breaks).  Today he’d probably be in jail or at least on YouTube. As it was, he spent every game day in brown clogs and an orange and blue plaid sport jacket and that’s punishment enough in my mind.

I suppose my fondness is sort of like heroin only less destructive. I hear you chase your first high forever. I started following the Duke Blue Devils in 1990 and I’ve been chasing that feeling/high ever since.  I watched them win back to back NCAA Championships and I still watch them hopefully…every year.

What’s so great about March Madness? I’ll make you a list because paragraphs are getting difficult on the phone.

  • I get to watch giant kids play a sport they love. Most of these guys and gals are under 21. Lots of them look like kids. They haven’t yet reached their adult potential and some are downright awkward looking and they got game!
  • Brackets! I know you haven’t watched a game all season but you still give it a shot every year. Hey, you miss every shot you don’t take. Sometimes you even throw some money in the pot to show you’re serious. You may have multiple brackets. IMHO having more than on bracket cheapens the bracket (just like the guy in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial) but to each her own.
  • Commercials. I know, I know it’s not the Super Bowl. I have seen the Infinity commercial ( where individuals drive backward at ridiculous speeds without looking and that expensive car stops them fast like magic. It can be assumed that no one who drives an Infinity has the time in their busy schedule to check their path before slamming on the gas in reverse. This leads me to believe an Infinity may be the car for me because I’m a driver who can’t be bothered to pay attention.  I’m also enjoying the Lowe’s home improvement commercials. And did you know Reebok Pump shoes were back? Me neither until I saw the commercial.  So far this one is my fav  If you don’t want to watch here’s the executive summary.  Man goes to Lowe’s and gets confident about his lawn skills.  Then he tackles other things he thought were difficult…like folding fitted sheets.  It’s funnier than it sounds. If you’re reading this you have 30 seconds to click the link.
  • Lip reading.  When your team is being played the HD really brings it.  The coaches and players yell all sorts of things that you can’t say on network TV and because you yourself have said these things you know their frustration.
  • It doesn’t matter what your ranking is going into the tourney.  Every game starts at 0-0.  While a #16 has yet to upset a #1 it will happen some day and I want to be watching.
  • These players are phenomenal, but most of them players won’t go pro.  It’s your last chance to see them before they dominate pick up games at the local Y.

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