The never-ending window of time

It’s official.  This week I have had it with the window of time!  As in when X is broken and  “We need to schedule you a service window.  When are you available?” Ugh. I begrudgingly pull up my calendar and then prepare to throw away an entire two, four, or eight hour block of a well deserved day off of work.


I schedule these appointments knowing full well that the likelihood that the service provider will arrive right at the beginning of that window is more unlikely than me winning the lottery and traveling to the moon on the same day.  In fact, what is more likely as of late is for me to call the provider at 12:20 after my service window 8 to 12 has passed and asking where is that tech? In their defense sometimes they call at 12:20 to tell me they are running late. I say that tongue in cheek.  That’s not ok at all.

I am aware that some service providers are good about scheduling and will offer a phone call 20 minutes ahead of time, but really do you want to be shopping for the perfect birthday present only to be interrupted for that pesky inspection that has already been rescheduled twice? I don’t either.

Why during this era of interconnectedness and internet can providers not use their sense and cell phones and maybe a bit of old school mapping action to get to my home in a timely fashion? can get me those cute shoes in nearly 24 hours! I feel that there are is a lessons buried somewhere in here. Apply as you see fit.

1.  Be on time!  All the time.

2.  Call when you are going to be late.  Well before you are late.  Don’t forget to apologize. There is always something that I would rather be doing than waiting on you.

3.  Fix it right the first time so we don’t have to do this all over again next week.


Honestly this is the only service window anyone wants to see at the end of the day.



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