Top 7 fitness faux pas

There are many things that happen at the gym on the regular that drive me crazy. These 7 things could be helpful if you’ve never been to a fitness facility and aren’t sure how to behave. Like a truly positive person I’ve listed problems as well as solutions because that’s how I roll.  Honestly, no one likes a complainer.  Feel free to add both problems and/or solutions in the comments section. I’m sure that I’ve left many things out.

Problem #1: You wear your dirty and/or snowy wet shoes into the fitness areas of the gym.  You can wear them into the locker room, but then you should change into different dry and clean shoes so the yoga floor and the elliptical foot cradles don’t get all sandy and muddy.  Wearing your snowy dirty shoes around indoors is rude. And you shouldn’t be wearing your fancy expensive gym shoes to rake the yard anyhow.

Problem #2: You stink. I know you go to the gym to get your funk on, but when you’re funky it ruins my day.  Wash your clothes regularly.  I mean every day.  I’m serious. You should also wash your body, and hair, and maybe body hair so we don’t have to smell it.  Crop dusting is also a no no.

Problem #3 (could actually be #2b because it’s related to scent as well):  Scented stuff: Don’t wear it.  It all smells horrible when you’re working out.  Leave your perfume or essential oils at home and off your body.  Save it for your fancy outings.  If you insist on wearing patchouli stay away from me, at all times, but especially at the gym.

Problem #4: You don’t use your headphones.  I don’t want to hear your music.  As a matter of fact I brought my own.  Use your headphones, but when your jam comes on feel free to sing for a bit.  We all do it and it’s funny.

Problem #5: You come into fitness classes late.  If you can’t make it within 5 minutes of the class starting don’t bother to join us. You’ve missed the warm up and you’re probably going to get hurt.  Plus the instructor is going to take up my valuable workout time explaining everything s/he just discussed with the entire class to you.  That’s just rude.  Also if you have to leave, then early position yourself accordingly.  No one wants to watch you cross the room 17 times to put things away and no one really cares why you are leaving so don’t feel like you have to announce it to the class.  Please leave early in the least disruptive manner possible. Also do not let the door slam on your way out.

Problem #6: You’re annoying.  Why did you come to the class if you can’t/won’t do any of the movements and want to basically make your own workout or listen to your own music?  There is a space for that ON THE FITNESS floor.  That’s where people who want to make up their own routine should be.

Problem #7: Your clothing.  This one was brought to my attention yesterday.  Guys, while you may like the comfort and freedom of boxer shorts I would like to never witness this freedom.  Instead, buy yourself some compression shorts and wear them.  Gals have to think about undergarments all the time and you should too.

I know that every gym is different and that we all have different things that grind our gears. But I don’t care if you: sing out loud for 10 seconds or so, have no idea what you’re doing (we all start somewhere), are doing something really odd you read about on the internet or saw on youtube, or grunt while you lift (that’s why I wear headphones).

We all look silly at the gym at one point or another.  Hopefully, not as silly as the picture above.


One thought on “Top 7 fitness faux pas

  1. Your sweat. Sure you go to the gym to work out and get a sweat on, it’s what the gym is there for. But remember to wipe down the machines after you use them. No-one wants to go to the equipment you have just used and find it almost submerged in liquid.

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