New Year’s resolutions and reflections

I know that some people get excited about making New Year’s resolutions. I also know that many people do not. While I respect both opinions and I know that realistically you can choose to change your behaviors at any time of the year, I see no reason that you shouldn’t take some time to review and reflect on your year. I have two reviews a year at my very part time (like 4 hours a week) job for Pete’s sake! And you’ve probably heard about the failures of the Facebook  “Year in Review.” (If you haven’t you can read about it here  This year instead of blindly resolving to do things differently, how about some honest reflection about what you’ve done so far. Seriously, no one can review your year better than you!

Reflection is always good.  Especially if you take the time to figure out what didn’t go so well in your life so that you can make some changes. I found the following guide online at a running website of all places.  It’s a worksheet of sorts.  Sadly, there are no fill in the blanks and you’ll need to supply your own paper, but the thought is the same. You can relive elementary school right now!


I did it.  It took me a while…maybe an hour.  The highlights were easy, the disappointments went from difficult to gut wrenching, the game changers were, well, game changers, and the things I forgot were mostly unremarkable (but I really should get at them).

But in 2015, there is work to do. So I resolve to put the leftover cookies in the freezer for emergencies only instead of eating them for breakfast.



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