I am a podcast junkie

I just looked up “junkie” and it’s a drug addict (rather than an enthusiast) and that’s not me so the title is a lie, but it’s snazzy and catchy as a title should be so I’m going to let it ride.

When I’m in the car or at the gym or perhaps just walking around the house I am listening to one of two things: public radio or a podcast. It is also possible that I’m listening to a public radio podcast (I know this puts me in that category of people and I don’t mind). Right now on my iThing I have nine distinct podcasts. I just counted. I had no idea there were that many. No wonder I feel like there are so many to listen to sometimes. Sometimes it’s like homework! Mostly I listen and complete other tasks, but sometimes I have to stop doing whatever I’m doing to sit down and engage my whole self in listening (just like when I used to get lost and I need to turn down the radio to listen carefully to the map).

There are a few categories they fulfill: health and wellness, financial education, science, and really awesome stories.  There are different moods for each.  Feeling peppy? Why not learn about money management? Or if you’re thinking about gorging yourself on the leftover Halloween candy one about health and wellness will help you fight it off long enough to take that candy in to work.

I know you want to hear all about them, right?  Perfect.  Here goes. You can find them all on iTunes.

Build a Badass Business http://balancedbites.com/business – I haven’t listened to it yet, but if I was going to build a business this is definitely the sort I would want to build. Maybe this blog thing can be the start of something badass.

Body Do Over http://bodydoover.com – There is a man trying to be healthy and lose weight and a trainer.  They chat about a topic every week.  My favorite part is that it’s real.  Sometimes they just talk about crappy food they want to eat.  This, and the magazine Men’s Health, are proof that men have just as many body insecurities as women.

Balanced Bites http://balancedbites.com – My first paleo podcast.  They talk about paleo things and great products or not so great products.  They give me lots of great ideas and laughs. I have a cookbook that one of these women wrote.  She is also responsible for the first podcast on my list. This is one “problem” with podcasts.  The people, like me, have other interests and they make more podcasts (about other things I think are cool) and then I want to listen to more and more and more.

The Paleo View http://paleoparents.com/the-paleo-view-podcast/ – More sound advice and news on paleo living.  Lots of cooking and nutrition books from this duo and fun guests!

This American Life – You’ve heard it on the radio.  It’s that one on the weekend when you’re busy that you never get to listen to but are slightly intrigued and/or horrified.  The episodes on Harper High won several awards  http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/487/harper-high-school-part-one  and this one is a bit late for Halloween, but still worth a listen http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/319/and-the-call-was-coming-from-the-basement

Marketplace Weekend http://www.marketplace.org/shows/marketplace-weekend – keeps me up to date with the financial scene.  They talk about everything from budgeting to saving to spending money while retired.  They also have a new segment “tech in real life” that helps me have conversations with my husband and makes me fee like I know what the cool kids are talking about.

The Moth http://themoth.org –  Their tag line is true stories told live.  It is the art of storytelling at it’s best.  Some stories are funny and others are raw and real. I like the sad ones the best so I will not post links of favorites because I want you to like me and some people don’t want to be sad. I respect that.

Radio Lab – Science nerds unite and get your geek on.  These guys have a show and it’s awesome.  If you want to learn about surgery or other random topics  http://www.radiolab.org/story/anesthesia/ This show will contribute random knowledge to those answers you’ve been saving up for your pub quiz team and greatly enhance you Cliff Clavin facts around the office.  I promise.

Serial http://serialpodcast.org is my absolute best most favorite podcast ever at this moment. This show is investigative journalism on steroids. The host, Sarah Koenig, promises one true story unfolding week by week for an entire season.  What’s not to love?

Now you know what I’m listening to.  What podcasts am I missing? Please let me know your favorites in the comments below and tell me why.


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