It’s October and It’s Pink


It’s October now and everything is pink for breast cancer awareness. The NFL is wearing pink. You can get specially packaged food in pink wrappers. If you’d like the story behind the start of the pink ribbon campaign and where your money might go, you can read it here  It’s an interesting story and worth the read.

But, to me, pink isn’t only for breast cancer awareness. It’s the color of girls.  And when I was a girl, I hated it.  My mom dressed me in pink everything. This may be a slight exaggeration.  (I have been told, however, never to let the facts get in the way of a good story).  Hot pink, she called it. Now, in our world of expanded color names, it would be called fuchsia.  I thought it was gross. For the first six years of my schooling I am wearing pink on picture day and on the seventh year I must have developed free will or been such a tyrant that it was easier to let me wear blue. Blue is my favorite color.  It is also the color of boys.

When I was a kid boys stuff was always better than girl stuff (or at least that’s how I remember it). Boys bikes had those cool crossbars, they pushed at soccer without falling down and crying,  played football at recess, had races on the monkey bars while girls played My Little Pony and Barbie.  Boring.  I was good at monkey bar races and fearless enough to walk on top of the tire swing.  (Sorry if you’re reading this Mom. I never told you because I’m sure you would’ve told me it was dangerous). I remember a playground attendant saying that I couldn’t be on the monkey bars in a skirt.  Done.  No more skirts for me.  To this day, I generally wear skirts or dresses only when it’s required of me.  I wonder if she is the reason. Maybe this will change some day.  I sort of doubt it.

To my surprise, I have started to like pink.  It was a sudden start with a pink insulated coffee cup on sale at Target. Those things are expensive and who cares what color it is?  I left it at work and it would still be there several days later when all her chrome counterparts had traveled home with other coffee drinkers.  It has escalated.  My iPad cover is pink.  No one touches it at work and my husband is hesitant to borrow it for long periods of time in public. It’s fantastic. I have even purchased pink clothes for myself and I wear my neon pink socks to the gym even if they don’t match.

If I can do it, then you can too. Embrace the pink at least for October, for girls, for women, for breast cancer awareness, and for guys not stealing your coffee cup! Donate some money to research and potential cures if you’ve got it. You can return to your camouflage, for hunting season, next month!


One thought on “It’s October and It’s Pink

  1. I actually dressed you in pale pink and also mint green. I still think you look good in pink too. However, I do not agree with walking on the top of tire swings. And I still do love you no matter what you do or wear!! : )

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