Technology hates me

I have been having problems with my cell phone (it doesn’t hang up) and sometimes problems with my computer (perhaps a software update is in order) and yesterday at work I kept getting kicked out my report program after I typed in all the information on several separate occasions. The bottom line is that technology hates me. Today I feel like taking a hammer to all of it.

I hear people talk about tech like it’s an amazing thing or others complain about things I believe are petty (like how they dislike the like the new iPhone because it won’t fit into their pockets) and I think “WTF am I missing something?”  because “I hate tech when it doesn’t work ” and it is really that simple.

Today I got a new smart phone and spent a few hours online with tech support because my phone wouldn’t make or receive calls. No, it’s not a software update issue.  What I have is some sort of unidentified new problem.  Lucky me.  I’ve never been a techie and that’s all right with me. I generally get the newest thing after the kinks have been worked out and then have my friends teach me how to use it.  Several years ago I scooped up my new laptop and took it to my friend’s house and she graciously showed me how to turn it on and open the web browser. It’s a wonder I’m able to figure out how to post to this blog.

It’s not just the phone. Other technology fails around me as well.  I’m dreading daylight savings time because I finally set my watch, but I can’t get the alarm to stop going off every night at 7:38pm.  My dishwasher recently blew a gasket.  Literally.  The uber-fancy thermostat won’t connect to the internet.  And the light I installed on the garage blew off in a storm last week.  The laser level didn’t work today. I changed the batteries and it still doesn’t work.

Don’t get me wrong I like the gadgets when they work.  I get to listen to music that I want on demand in the car or at the gym or even above 10,000 feet on an airplane.  I can text and email from different countries for free for Pete’s sake! I have the ability to deposit checks with my phone.  I can take photos of that piece I need at Home Depot or a bird I see at the park. I no longer need an alarm clock. That is so cool when it works.  When it doesn’t…grab a hammer.  The hammer is the right tool for every job.



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