I got this

I got this. These three words make my husband cringe.  The trio usually comes after I ask a few seemingly innocent hypothetical questions. For example, would you mind if I pulled up the carpet on the steps? Or, how about if I rearranged some things around the house?

When I end with “I got this” it means a few things.

1.  I’m doing it. Right now. Don’t try to stop me.  In fact, it might already be done.  Please don’t freak out.

2.  I’m not asking for help again unless the situation gets desperately out of control.  Keep in mind that I am a firefighter and my idea of out of control may be different than yours. I’m confident that everything will turn out fine in the end.

3.  I’m not asking your opinion. See #1.

I think that I have been like this my entire life. You’d have to ask my family to be sure. I don’t recall needing or wanting intense emotional support growing up.  However, on particularly stressful days I would plop on my mom’s lap on the rocking chair for a talk. I was a strong willed girl that has aged into adulthood.  I don’t require special concessions because I’m female, but if you hold the door for me I will say “Thank you.”  But if you see me struggling, and I say “I got this” then please get out of my way.



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