Motorized on two wheels

I learned how to ride a motorcycle in a safety class put on by the state.  I did not pass my license test on the first try. But I did get a license. Since then I have owned a Kawasaki EX500 that was literally held together with zip ties in some places.  It was white and gold and it must have been from the 80s because when else was that a great color combination? Sadly lots of those 80s things are cool again. I should’ve saved it.  It would be vintage. Then, (I thought) I wanted more power so I got a Ninja.  I have no recollection how many CCs that bike had.  Maybe 1200? My feet barely touched the ground, but at the time my office was downtown and it made commuting a snap.  No more paying for parking! Surprisingly, I did not get dead.  That bike was fast and I did many accidental wheelies much to the amazement of my teenage program participants.  I think that I laid it out a few times, but it must not have been too terrible because I don’t remember the sordid details.  I downsized and got the SV650.  It was blue and pretty.  I changed out the handle bars to clip ons to make it look more like a race bike and put sliders on just in case.  I laid the bike down in an intersection and broke off the shifter peg.  The sliders saved my tank. I still did not die.  But I did feel like it could have been possible at any moment. Finally, I got a smaller motorcycle…way smaller.  It’s an MZ125 bored out to a whole 150.  It’s fun.  And totally and completely impractical for me. First, I felt the need to gear up which takes all the summer out of riding.  It’s nice out.  Let me go put on some socks, shoes, a jacket, gloves, and a full face helmet. When I got the MZ I had been thinking about a scooter, but I passed.  Those are lame, right?! No, no they aren’t.  I did some research and I picked up this about a month ago. photo Her name is Scoots right there in front and she’s Italian (Fragile). Genuine Buddy 125 Italia.  The woman I bought her from was moving to New Jersey and was sad to leave the machine, but remarked that Jersey is no place for scooters.  Scoots isn’t slow and lame because I have a motorcycle license and FYI scooters can have big engines and even shifters. Who knew?  While the speedometer says that I can go 80, they tires are only rated to 67, which must be a more round number in kilometers because 67 is just a weird cut off. I have storage in the seat and trunk. I get roughly 100 miles to the gallon. I picked up a half helmet on the interweb. I feel like the mouse on the cover of the mouse and the motorcycle.  Vroom! Vroom! I cruise around on city streets while my husband rides the MZ.  Cars, trucks, and buses are still scary.  Bikers are still my friends. No one waves at me anymore unless they are on a scooter (and then they wave excitedly which is soooo uncool which makes me laugh because I am also that uncool and wave back). I guess motorcyclists are all big snobs.


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