You can call me “Distracto”

You can call me “Distracto.” That’s what my husband has dubbed me. I do not take offense. The title is accurate. I just need a logo and a cape.  It will have to be a short cape because I am also dangerously clumsy unless I’m in yoga (I’m told).  There, for an hour at a time, I am “graceful.”

I do lots of things that might not exist together in some worlds, but to me they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  For example I: knit, play soccer, fight fires, teach young folks about science, garden, create stained and leaded glass, read, watch(more) Netflix (than I should), cook, and I know how to fix a toilet.  Seriously.  There aren’t that many parts.  I switch rapidly from task to task and often joke that I get more done by noon than some do all day.  Actually, I’m serious when I say that.  Sometimes, maybe once a month, I sleep in…until 8 and I don’t  have kids! Mostly I’m up at 6 and look out I may forget what time it is and call you. Sorry.

One of the reasons I’m so into everything is just…because.  Because there is so much to learn and do and see!  I want to be able to do that one yoga pose that I see in magazines without sustaining a traumatic injury. Like this…


As a side note, this woman is wearing ultra cool yoga pants. I bet I could find them online if I…I want to have a blue ribbon on my artwork at the state fair. I want to make tasty desserts and dinners and run a sub 2:00 half marathon and work on my shooting accuracy on the pitch and I’d like the hallway to be the perfect color and I’m not sure what that is. I would like to be able to verbalize more quickly on my feet.

My husband asked me what I do when I’m at home and I get everything on my list done. I think this was supposed to be an eye opening conversation.  I just stared at him.  Everything on my list done? What’s that? If I got everything on my list done then I would start a new list.  Did you see that? Squirrel!

I’m starting a blog because, why not? It could be fun.  I can rant about things that are randomly important to me or that I think are cool to a whole new audience, work on my writing skills, and practice this new thing I’m hearing on the internet about not using two spaces after a period. It’s a real thing. I googled it. This article also explains why courier font was my friend in college.


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